Tissue Paper Tassel Garland- DIY

Today I’ll be doing a quick tutorial on how I made this lovely little Tassel Garland.

1. Some standard tissue paper. Your choice of color. Mine is courtesy of FIESTA Time! -$1.25

2. Cute lil’ scissors. My gilded ones are from Down Town LA Fashion District. -$10

3. String, yarn, twine, jute, ribbon, etc. I got my jute from Michael’s. – $3.50 (approx.)

Step 1: Take the tissue paper out of the packaging. (duh)

Open it up all the way but do not separate the tissue sheets.

Re-fold the tissue hamburger style.

Step 2: Start cutting 1.5 cm wide strips going 9 inches tall. You’ll be cutting on the open side, not the folded side.

cut, cut, cut.

After you’re done cutting, it’ll look a lil’ something like this.

Step 3:  Cut the thing in half.

Step 4: Open it up!

Remove one tissue sheet to work with at a time.

Roll it up like so. Be careful not rip the individual tassels when rolling it because they can get a bit tangled up.

Step 5: Twist up the middle section of the tassel.

Twist it into a loop.

Step 6: String it onto your jute, twine, string, etc.

And you’re all done once you string them all up! I added a dot of glue on each side of the tassel loop to make sure it stays in place. These tassel Garlands are getting super popular but they happen to be a bit pricey on places like Etsy. Now you can make your own for a fraction of the online prices!

What is your favorite party decoration? 

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ttyl, xoxo


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