Starting Summer with Styled by Trendage!

I spent this beautiful Saturday in Monterey, CA just enjoying the sunshine with some fam. Buttt I did want to share with all you guys a new app I found, called Styled by Trendage!

How cool would it be to have a closet like Cher’s from Clueless?? Or even just having the technology that allows you to see an outfit on yourself from your own phone…

Styled by Trendage does just that. You even have the ability to use your own selfie for the avatar.

I’m in awe at how technology gives us the ability to do these kinds of things. 

Not only does this app allow you to customize you body type and hair, butttttt you also can unlock promo codes from some cool brands! You just have to swipe through all the outfits to unlock amazing deals. *hint hint there’s a Forever 21 code in THERE!!*

This app is the bridge between online shopping and Instagram. Each look you create is directly shoppable from the app! So easy and even fun to try on all the clothes without having to leave your humble abode. Have no fear, your Netflix binges in your PJ’s will never be threatened again with the power of Styled by Trendage!

I liked the graphics of this app and the only thing I would suggest is having the ability to upload a full body picture rather than just a selfie. That way, the accuracy of the fits would be more easily seen by the users.

It’s so cool to see how brands are taking initiative and joining the body positivity movement. Apps like Styled by Trendage allow you to see an outfit on yourself, rather than a model.

Download Styled by Trendage here: 

Check out this video provided by Trendage

Top is from Target

Jeans from Old Navy

Hat from Banana Republic

Purse from HM

Shoes from Target


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