The Desert Spa in Cabo San Lucas

 This treatment was gifted to me by the Villa Group, although it was gifted, all opinions and reviews are my own.

Last full day here in Cabo San Lucas and I had the wonderful
opportunity to visit the Desert Spa!

The Desert Spa is the Spa that is accessible by guests
staying at the Villa Group resorts which includes Villa del Palmar, where I’m

When you walk into the Spa building you see a
gorgeous mural type sign that reads Desert Spa. Even the entrance to the spa is
as lovely as it is inside. I was warmly greeted with smiling faces and happy
attitudes as they took down my name and then I was led to an elevator that
would take me to the spa floor.

Desert Spa

Once I arrived to the spa floor, an employee was already
there waiting to greet me. This waiting room was so cozy and inviting with
plush chairs and bright atmosphere. The soft lighting allowed me to fully relax
before entering the actual spa.

There was a ton of privacy at this spa, which I really loved
because going to a spa you want to feel as relaxed as possible. Through another
door was the locker room adjacent to the spa pools. I was provided with a robe
and sandals upon my arrival and was given the time to access all the amenities
before I received my massage.

There was a drink station inside and they offered Agua de
Jamaica, Chlorophyll Water, as well as natural water.

There was three pools that you had the option to get into, a
cold pool (65 degrees), a medium pool (95 degrees) and a hot pool that went up
to (105 degrees). The Sauna and Steam room were so relaxing and I especially
loved how the steam room had eucalyptus and I loved it! Exiting these two rooms
was a cold towel station and another thing I really liked about this spa was
the attention to cleanliness.

Desert Spa

After leaving the steam and sauna room, there was a pressure
shower that guests could use. When the time for my massage was nearing, an
employee came and led me to another floor. The calm serene décor and vibe goes
throughout the spa and the “Desert” aspect continues too.

I really enjoyed my experience at the Desert Spa
and would recommend anyone who is vacationing in this area to definitely try
and get a spa treatment here! The Desert Spa is number one spa on TripAdvisor for Cabo and has a certificate of excellence. All the employees were very attentive and helped out. My
first visit to a spa was very pleasant and I’d definitely go back to the Desert
Spa at Villa del Arco.


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