Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas

My Trip to Cabo started out on June 28th with a drive down to SoCal to LAX. The flight from LAX to Los Cabos was more economical for such a large group that I went with that it worked out very well.

Once we arrived into our hotel room we were greeted with cake for my sisters and I’s graduation. For this was the occasion of our trip. We unloaded all of our luggage’s and settled, by then it was 9pmish and we decided to head out to Taqueria el Paisa. If you’re looking for some good tacos in downtown Cabo with a good price, def check this place out.

The next day was a bit of a chill day and the highlight of the 29th was the FOOD. We went to the hotel buffet for brunch and captured some cute pics of the ocean.

Then we went to Sanchos and had a famous Pink Taco!

The night views from our floor at the hotel were GORGEOUS

The next morning we took a complimentary trolley to Villa del Arco to grab some lunch and I had a delightful hibiscus mojito.

We took the long way back to our hotel through the beach and the rest of the afternoon we spent poolside. I enjoyed about 6 mango smoothies, lol.

Later that evening we caught the Michael Jackson themed event for a dinner buffet and show! The sunset views from here were also spectacular.

We had an earlyish breakfast on the first of July because we were headed ATV riding! Cactus ATV Tour experience was so fun and it was such an adrenaline rush. I however, didn’t have the courage to drive one so I partnered up with my uncle who joined us on the trip. He’s an experienced motorcyclist so I trusted him! Lol.

That evening we headed to the Neptune for a veryyyy fancy din with the fam.

The food was soooo goooood!

Sunday rolled around and it was a chill day! We had time to catch up on sleep and headed out for a late brunch.

This night we hit downtown again to shop for souvenirs and to look around.

Our Monday was spent in La Paz which is a two hour drive from Cabo San Lucas. We stopped by the actual Hotel California on the way.

We went to Balandra Beach in La Paz where it’s a 100 M stretch before the ocean actually gets deeper!

On the fourth of July I had an early apt at the Spa (Compliment of Villa del Palmar Resort) and had such a relaxing time there! Check out all about that experience here.

On the fourth we also had a sunset dinner cruise. It was very fun and such a great experience to see the famous Arco of Cabo San Lucas up close for the second time!

My stay at Villa del Palmar Resort and Spa was very pleasant and I loved it here. The staff was friendly and helpful and the feel of this place was just perfect! I can’t wait to stay here again.


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