Holiday Gift Guide for the Aspiring Fashionista

1. Rose Gold Notebook

This super cute notebook is perfect for the aspiring fashionista to jot down her ideas and plan out outfits and her future blog posts. I personally use a journal to jot down all the ideas I have from what to wear with a new pair of shoes, to the kind of detail shots I want for a new blog post. Having a dedicated space to write down all these things really helps me create my content for focused and to finish it on time.

2. White Booties

A pair of White booties will match with anythingggg so your aspiring fashionista doesn’t have to worry about pairing them! They give off a totally cool 70’s vibe but would work in most occasions.

3. Canon EOS Rebel T6

I love this camera for shooting all my Instagram and blog photos because they always come out sooo nice! I would recommend this camera as an investment piece to anyone out there. While a new DSLR camera isn’t a necessity to capture outfit pics, a DSLR will add to the quality of content you’ll put out into the blogoshpere.

4. Biker Jacket

I think everyone needs a trusty little leather in their life. Add a little edge to that floral dress or add that new element into your otherwise preppy wardrobe. In reality you can wear a jacket like this with anything! Which makes it easier to put together outfits. Maybe even consider creating content around it. For example, “5 Ways to Wear your Faux Leather this Fall.”

5. Fur Jacket

In contrast to the biker jacket, a faux fur jacket will add luxe to your outfit. Automatically look fancier with a sparkly dress strappy heels and this little number. Many fashion bloggers simply pair it with jeans, sneakers and a graphic tee. I love the feel the faux fur jacket gives across all media platforms.

6. Boss Babe Mug

Working on blog post or planning content well into the night? Well, let this mug keep you company WHILE motivating you to get it done!

7. Marble Phone Case 

If you can relate, I tend to buy anything that’s marble. When I got this marble phone case my life was more complete. This marble phone case also has that fancy effect, like a fur jacket for your iPhone. It will also be a great addition to your workspace flat lays!

8. Glitter Block Heels

There’s nothing like a statement shoe for the Aspiring Fashionista. While I think every outfit should be covered in sparkle, these booties will do just fine. I would use that Kira Kira app that literally everyone uses to make these things sparkle even more.

9. Mirrored Sunnies

Mirrored sunnies are the best because they end up doubling for an actual mirror when you need it #winning.

10. Gold Booties

Another pair of statement shoes. You cannot have enough shoes. What I love about these is the affordability and the comfort. They’re only $25! and you should run before they’re not on sale anymore or worse: SOLD OUT….

11. Marble Popsocket

Again with the marble obsession… But seriously I was never into having a pop socket until I came across this particular one at Best Buy and I had to get it. I absolutely love it and it really is a better way to hold your phone not only for selfies and such but just scrolling to through the ‘gram. I haven’t dropped my phone since I got it, if that says anything!

12. Faux Fur Rug

Any Aspiring Fashionista would appreciate this cute little rug. Its the perfect backdrop for flat lays, pics of their rad shoes as well as just a fun piece in their rooms.

13. Metallic Swell Bottle

Gotta stay hydrated, but do so in a very chic way.

14. Fur Vest

To help stay cozy and stylish all through the cold months add a faux fur vest into the mix. These pair well with long sleeves and try with a long bell sleeved top!

15. Metallic Tassel Mules

A reoccurring trend is obviously shiny shoes and these metallic mules embody just that. I love the little tassel detail that makes the mules that much more fun.


Happy Holidays!!!


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