New Year Fitness Goals

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I really wish that these moto leggings came in a cropped version. Being short, I feel like these leggings take up my whole frame. Still love them tho.

This Jacket is literally the comfiest workout zip up I’ve found!!

The workout tank I picked out is on major sale rn at

I’m all into the stars and moon print and its such a soft material.

It takes a lot for me to wear a work out outfit like this because I’m so self conscious. It has taken me such a long time to love the skin I’m in and to be content with how I look. One of my biggest goals this year is to get fit. Not only to feel more confident but because I truly care about my health. Old Navy’s activewear is so stylish and to be completely honest it makes it so much easier for me to feel comfortable wearing.

I will hopefully be learning some yoga to do poolside, LOL…


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