Introducing The Style Starters

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions since I have been recovering from my brain surgery from April. As an outlet and a dream of mine for sometime, I created a group called The Style Starters. I never formally introduced it on my blog but I had the intentions of talking about it on here but I just never got around to it.

Our Launch Party above


I created TSS as a way to foster meaningful relationships between brands and people. Local micro influencers harness the most power when it comes to Social Media because they have a personal connection with their followers unlike many “big” bloggers. Not only that, but micro influencers tend to have a lot more local followers depending on where they are based. This makes it better for local brands to get the most exposure out of a local influencer than a big influencer.

TSS motto is “Connecting Brands with People,” we want to strip away the stigma of influencer and blogger and just have the label be people because we don’t want to shy anyone away from us. The Style Starters is a space in which you can freely express your style and voice without any fear of judgement. It is always collaboration over competition because we help create the relationships with brands and others.

When I bring TSS to a location for an event and  I make sure to include local companies and businesses as sponsors and vendors because our foundation is built in growing our local markets and to bring exposure to local businesses and brands. I believe in all the people who have joined us at our events and have been inspired to do more and to grow their businesses. We want to give people the platform to share their passions and dreams and they have an amazing group behind them that will constantly push them to do better.


I’m so excited for with what is to come with TSS! Check out our launch party blog post on our site HERE


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