Confidently Cropped & Cozy

I recently started wearing cropped sweaters again with high waisted jeans and to be honest with you, it has been hard. It’s been hard because after years of major self esteem issues and feeling like a DUFF, I still feel like I haven’t found true self confidence.

what really is self confidence?

Dictionary definition states: a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment.

Yes, I see the body positive movement and I feel and wish I could be happy in my own skin but most times I don’t. Making this post was super important to me in the sense that it’s allowing me to break out of this shell.

I really don’t know when I started feeling self conscious but it has to have been around middle school, the era of developing pre-teens and teens. Always being on the bigger side and seeing nobody look like me I started to develop a fear, a fear of being confident? As a child I always remember wearing whatever I wanted and feeling super great about it, that all changed.

The point of this post is really just to share that sometimes it really is a journey for someone to be confident in their own skin. After this shoot I felt good, really good. I felt like I had finally allowed myself to be okay with the way I am shaped and not let the numbers on my jeans or on the scale tell me how to feel.

After I shot these looks, I actually collaborated with Viva La Plus, an online thrifted boutique for Plus Sizes. I honestly though that those two went hand in hand perfectly.

Now, on to outfit details:

I scored this knit on Black Friday from Charlotte Russe, side note did you know CR filed for Bankruptcy and they’re unfortunately closing 100 stores?? I have always loved shopping at CR and absolutely love their shoes and plus size options, so when I heard this news I got a bit sad. The hat was also a CR score on Black Friday – $10!

These jeans are a Target score, high waisted, light wash, andddd I ended up giving them a raw edge hem for the sake of fashion.

Shoes were a Nordstrom clearance score.

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