Working Hard, or Hardly Working?

I haven’t really shared much on my blog yet about life currently but I thought I’d give a little insight:

I got my Real Estate License in September of 2018, I was finishing up my final semester of a community college at the time and didn’t really put my license to use up until December when winter break began and I had a month before I started classes at the university. I have been working alongside Lupe Silva aka my mom full time since then. I grew up with the Real Estate Business in mind since my mom has been in the biz since ’01, four year old me was a pro at helping her staple contracts together.

The rest truly came naturally, I developed a keen eye for design and creativity which mellows into my love for interior decorating and remodeling. My studies at FIDM grew my passion for merchandising and marketing and in turn, developed my eye for building target markets for Real Estate campaigns.

I learned that Real Estate truly envelopes everything I love to do, and seeing the smile on families faces is why I do it, in the end. My team and I recently closed a transaction for a First Time Home buyer and her family. My heart welled up at the sight of her two kids running into their rooms and discussing the color they’re going to paint their walls! Seeing that excitement and that joy and knowing you’re a part of it is what makes this the best job I could ever have. Sure you have your down days but there’s so many more great days ahead.

There’s a stigma in the RE community that I have observed over the years and it’s the annoyance towards “newer agents.” The business being competitive in nature, doesn’t leave much space for close friendships within the industry.

I was recently in a training and the instructor of this class literally told the newbies to “find another career” cause we’ll hate this one and wish we never left our old jobs.

The past few weeks have been jam packed with school and work and everything in between which prompted me to write this blog post, I was feeling unconventionally inspired in the weirdest way to write about my career journey and to share it with my readers. Lately I have felt extremely overwhelmed yet excited for being busy and having meetings and getting sh*t done. Being busy seems to always be a bad thing but when you’re accomplishing your goals and simply doing you then I say go for it be the busiest you can possibly be.I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that “you never work a day in your life if you love what you do” I think that they got the quote wrong, you work 100X harder to get to where you want to be in the industry that you love. Being a realtor has enveloped everything that I love doing; marketing, sales, merchandising, staging, decorating, designing; it truly is the best thing I could be doing.

I’m so proud that these last few months. I’ve seen myself grow and network and I’m on the road to being the best possible version of myself I could be.


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  1. Dante Zambataro says:

    Absolutely love this!!!!

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