5 Tips for Shopping at Burlington Coat Factory

Skirt, shoes, and headband from Burlington.
$17 skirt, $14 shoes, $4 headband

I always get the question from family, friends, and followers on how I am able to find such great things at Burlington Coat Factory. The main key is patience but sometimes shopping at discount stores can be super overwhelming. The good news is that I’ve come up with my top five tips to tackle these types of stores and score the BEST deals. Check out my 5 Tips for shopping at stores like Burlington Coat Factory.

#1 – Only shop one section per visit or at a time

These stores are huge – you’re bound to get overwhelmed on the first visit and just not get anything at all. There are definitely hidden gems that will be missed out on. If you’re looking for home wares & home decor start with that section on your first visit. If you want to tackle the whole store the same visit, simply go section by section. This is my plan of attack lol:

  1. Accessories: Bags, Jewelry
  2. Personal care (shampoos, hair brushes, clips, etc.)
  3. Shoes
  4. Plus Section
  5. Women’s Clothing
  6. Home Decor
view of the store from inside
My local Burlington

#2 – Start at Clearance Items

To ensure I don’t spend a ton, I always start a section with it’s clearance items. If I’m looking for home wares and decor I’ll start at the clearance of home wares and home decor. I’ve scored a Queen duvet and pillow set for $13! After scouring the clearance items and finding the ones I need or the ones that’ll go perfectly with my decor, I’ll move up. The other day I scored the cutest salad bowl for my sister for $5 in the clearance section. Also- The majority of my canvas prints are from Burlington. My fave NYC canvas was found in the clearance section for $17.

The black and copper salad bowl I scored for my sister.

#3 – Structure your visit

I then move into the regular priced items. If you’re NOT looking for pillows or blankets, skip those isles completely or else you’ll contemplate replacing your current ones! I’ve gotten my comforter, pillows, and pillow cases from Burlington and they’re just as good quality as any others but at a fraction of the price. Same goes with shoes and clothing, if you’re not looking for something or don’t need it SKIP it. There’s a lot of pieces to go through, so going through a section you’re not into isn’t worth it.

This faux fiddle fig is so worth it for $40!

#4 – Have an idea of what you’re searching for

The product turnover rate is relatively quick at Burlington. If I’m in love with a piece I usually take it because there’s a high chance it won’t be there when you go back. I’ve had that happen one too many times. On my most recent visit I was on the hunt for a flowy top for my Mexico City trip this June. I started in the women’s clearance section. I know it’s tedious, but I always find the best things when I go through the entire section of something. I usually just check out L and XL but I will occasionally skim the other sizes for a straggler. I scored a really cute army green button up. Its a very thin linen like material and it’ll be perfect for all of our excursions!

#5 – Have a keen eye for the red tags

Sometimes you score a jackpot in the randomest places, keep a look out for the misplaced items that may be your golden ticket. I’ve found some gems sitting in a random section waiting to be picked up by someone new. This chenille blanket for *$13* found in the stationary section!

I hope these few tips help you score some great finds at Burlington! Please share in the comments below your best Burlington finds!


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