The Aftermath – Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting

I’ve been thinking and pondering how I can do my part in supporting the victims of suffering in the tragedy that occurred in my hometown of Gilroy, CA.

I was actually given a media partnership to cover the festival on my blog. Due to unexpected circumstances I was unable to fulfill the blog posts since I was not able to attend. I was to share the shopping experience at the festival and food related things. For some reason, it just didn’t happen, and I didn’t make it in time to attend.

I’m so saddened that our wonderful Garlic Festival that I have been in attendance and volunteered at for the last 11 years (since I moved here) was tainted by this act of violence. I am mourning with the families who lost love ones, and praying for a speedy recovery to those who were hurt. Also I send so many positive energies to those who were witnesses as the senseless violence unfolded, their memories will forever be engraved with this tragedy.

It’s so sad to think that things such as these happen everyday now, and we will now just be another town with a mass shooting…

As a voice on social media with a national readership, I thought I would do my part in sharing the links to donations for the victims involved.

Not only will donations help, but your voice, lets all be change makers and voice our opinions to our elected officials so that something like this won’t happen again!

May The souls of the three victims Rest In Peace.

Stephen Romero (aged 6) – GoFundMe 1 GoFundMe2
Keyla Salazar (aged 13) – GoFundMe
Trevor Irby (in his 20’s) – GoFundMe

The Gilroy Foundation has also set up a “Gilroy Garlic Festival Victims Relief Fund”

Check out more information on the foundation here

Our community is strong and stands together in times of need. You’ll always have a shoulder to lean on in Gilroy. We will overcome the tragedy together. While it all feels so weird and empty right now, we have the power to become even stronger. Many local Organizations are selling Tshirts to raise funds as well – 100 of proceeds go to Victim Relief:

Gilroy Cal Silk is selling Tshirts for $20.

Fortino Fire & EMS Training is doing a CPR training course and all proceeds will go to victims. Info:

LatinXCollective Partnering with Tostadas SJ

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T-Shirt Sales

Softball Hitting Camp



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If anyone knows of any other links please feel free to post them in comments. Blessings to all.



3 responses to “The Aftermath – Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting”

  1. Lupe Silva says:

    Thank you for putting together all donation sites on one page:

    Please continue to add links to any other events or fundraisers happening. Gilroy is united in spirit, together for the common good of all families.

  2. Anon says:

    @onelifeprint instagram is taking preorders for shirts through DM and all proceeds go to the victims’ families

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