Why you should choose Basic Invite for your next Party Invitations

Well, the time has come for my 22nd birthday this September! I was on the hunt for some very cute bohemian style invites since I planned on having an eclectic boho al fresco gathering. Of course I turned to online birthday invitations and Basic Invite was the perfect place since they had so many cute template options for me to choose from! The process was so simple and their platform was incredibly easy to use.

For any occasion Basic Invite has the invitation template you need. I was very impressed with their instant online preview that looked great and real! Other sites that have this feature lack the high quality look that Basic Invite has. As a detail oriented person I had to make sure that nothing would come out blurry and that the colors were as vibrant as they were on the screen.

Let’s talk quality; Basic Invite ensures the utmost quality for your invites which is why they send out SAMPLES before you’re even committed to ordering a whole bunch of them. This would be especially important for those of you ordering wedding invitations and such. A moment that special for someone should be handled with the most care, and Basic Invite makes sure you love it before you make the leap. I ordered some samples of my bday invites just so I can see the quality of the card stock used beforehand. It has a very luxurious, almost satin-y feel to it! Making perfectly luxe for my design taste!

Options, options, options; there are over 180 different colors to choose from on this site, you’re bound to find the coordinating color for your special event! This truly sets Basic Invite apart from other retailers. Basic Invite caters to a bigger audience, a pickier audience who invests in the looks and aesthetics (me) for their special occasion invitations. You’re going to look back and LOVE your invites that had one very specific color you couldn’t find anywhere else but here. It’s those little details that matter most and that are the most memorable. And get this, they can make your invites on REAL WOOD… Not only are there 180+ color options for the card BUT there’s also 40 DIFFERENT ENVELOPE COLORS. Yup, you read that right, not a plain old ivory colored envelope to be lost in the sea of mail….

If you’re extra, like myself, I would totally get some stickers to seal those fancy not-ivory colored envelopes!! The best thing is that there’s already so many cute options to choose from, the only thing is choosing, the ONE sticker design you love the most. My three fave below!

Throwing your bestie a bridal shower party? Here’s a look at some of the best sellers!

Throwing your nephew or son a rock climbing themed party? WELL of course Basic Invite has got your back! Check it here: rock climbing birthday invitations.

In charge of designing your Prima’s Quince Invites? Look no further with these modern designs.

Yes my friends, even Baptism Invites can look this good!

I seriously feel so fortunate that Basic Invite found me and introduced me to their super amazingly awesome platform for party invites. Now truly run and go order yourself some invites for your next special occasion, because 15% OFF EVERYTHING until the end of the month. USE CODE: 15FF51

This post is sponsored by Basic Invite, all opinions are my own.


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