2022 Home Decor Trends To Inspire You

There is nothing wrong with wanting to spruce up your space with the change of the year. Just like fashion trends, home décor trends also change with time and it’s a fun way to bring a bit of change into your space. Ready to spruce up your place? Here are the biggest home décor trends for 2022:

Curved Furniture

There is nothing more modern than curved furniture. 2022 is going to be all about rounded furniture, with a more organic shape to them. The whole concept is to provide an environment of comfort and calm. You can easily find budget-friendly options available in the market, or invest in luxury pieces that last the test of time.

Shades of Brown

Chocolate brown is the new black! This color has been dominating the fashion world too and now it’s made a mark in the world of interior design. The past few years have all been about pastel colors and fun patterns, but 2022 is all about shades of brown. Camels, caramels, and chocolate browns are the colors to play with this year.

 Artisan Accents

More and more people are heading to thrift stores to find one-of-a-kind, artisan pieces. For 2022, we are seeing a lot of focus on unique pieces that are either thrifted or created by local or regional artists. Etsy is an amazing place to find things with an artisan touch to them, so start your search there.

Natural Touches

Plants have always been a part of home décor, but in 2022, you should expect to see more earthy designs. Vibrant, green plants have been replaced with neutral, earthy tone ones.

Non-functional Decorative Objects

This trend may have been started by the creation of decorative candles and now has taken the industry by a storm. Useless decorations that have neither meaning nor purpose; that’s what you should fill up those shelves with.

Cozy Touches

After being locked up in your house for almost 2 years, we’ve started to realize how important it is to make every space in your home more comfortable. It’s time you upgrade to comfort anywhere you can! Subtle colors, soft textiles, and moody touches; that’s what this home décor trend is all about.

Updated Outdoor Spaces

If you have been thinking about updating your outdoor space, this is a sign to get started on the project. All the home décor stores are filled with innovative outdoor furniture, so start investing and create an outdoor space you’ll want to spend time in every day.

Now that you are well versed in all the 2022 home décor trends, start putting together a Pinterest board and bring a change in your space.


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