What’s Midsize Fashion & All The Latest Trends

The fashion industry has been inclined towards body positivity over time. First, we used to have petite then came in plus sizes but if you are petite yet curvy and don’t easily fit in either petite not plus size category, you are a mid-size! In short, this midsize fashion is the category that falls in between these two categories. There is no set definition for mid-size but generally, any clothes that fall between UK size 10-18 and the US sizes 6-14 are considered to be mid-size. Having said that there are the latest trend’s that we would like to explore.

With the waves of body positivity on TikTok, these mid-size fashion trends are the game.

A-line Dresses with Poufy Long Sleeves

 When you want to look effortlessly chic, A-line dresses are the ones you should opt for! Dresses look gorgeous on whatever body type you have and also save you from the hassle of getting ready.

A Mini Skirt

A mini skirt is a staple that you can style in so many ways and will always look flattering on you. You can style a black mini skirt with a cropped top with a cardigan over and black booties or you can go for sneakers. Perfect for a mid-size fashion style.

A High Waist Flared/ Straight Jeans

A pair of jeans that fit you super well can be a blessing! High or mid-waist jeans that come in a straight fit or a flared fit are best for mid-size fashion. Jeans can look fit with anything and everything will make you feel confident in your body.

An Oversized Blazer/Jacket

If you want to look badass, an oversized jacket/blazer is the one for you! An oversized jacket will be like a cherry on top and bring your whole outfit together. You can wear it on your casual days for a chic vibe or you can wear it at your nine-to-five. You bring your street style and edgy look to the front.

Printed Dresses and Skirts

Opt for dresses and skirts that are printed to amp up your whole outfit! A plain top with a printed skirt is a whole vibe. You can even opt for printed dresses if you want a stunning and easy-to-go look.

With these mid-size fashion insights, it’s time to flaunt and flare your fabulous style while being up-to-date with the trends and spreading the message of body positivity regardless of size and societal standards.





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