Meet Clara

Clara is a detail-oriented and determined individual that is inspired by all that can be done through social media outlets. Through her educational background at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and numerous experiences in planning and executing social media marketing campaigns, and running a successful online business at 15, she has learned the curves and creases of the digital world. Not only has she curated specific content for her audience on her fashion blog, but also at the same time she has developed a long list of implemental skills and a strong work ethic.

Clara has the ability to research and collect data to curate targeted content for a specific audience, records and edits video content that is beneficial to brands for which she freelances, and knowing the importance of attractive package design. She possesses organizational skills, and has background knowledge on all major social media platforms. She has gained pertinent experience at companies like Weddington Way, The Lupe Silva Team and FIESTATime!, and is ready to take the next steps to further her knowledge in order to land her future career.

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